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Creative Lounge Suite

The Creative lounge suite with its perfectly harmonious design lines, gives a true feeling of warmth and tranquility. Designed to look luxurious and modern, yet refined and simplistic. With the natural woodern colored armrest as the focal point.
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Harmony Lounge Suite

These KYMDAN lounge suites are designed with luxurious style and attractive colour in a diverse range of models that complement all interiors.
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Mighty Lounge Suite

The Mighty lounge suite has rounded cubic style combined with soft curving lines to create a completely strong unit. Thye Mighty lounge suite brings absolute comfort to users.
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Noble Lounge Suite

The Noble lounge suite embodies elegance, nobility and luxury and suits living rooms with modern decor.
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Opulence Lounge Suite

The Opulence lounge suite is designed with strong, firm and sweet square blocks. The design is not overly sophisticated but is neat and a thick mousse cover creates a feeling of softness. The colour combination creates a sense of vividness, modern beauty and luxury that seems to increase the interior space of your living room.
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Skyline Lounge Suite

The design is based on modern interior trends, using straight lines and complex square blocks. The Skyline lounge suite does not have a highly refined shape but still has luxurious appearance.
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