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KYMDAN Pillow Glory

The main feature of our KYMDAN Pillow Glory is the contoured pillow-surface design that conforms to the nape, neck and head, helping to keep the cervical spine straight when sleeping in the most natural way. The adjustable height, along with an ultimate level of softness provides a soft and comfortable feeling. Furthermore, its compact size is convenient for travelling so you can take luxurious comfort wherever you go.
Please note: Pillow Glory is suitable for those who are used to sleeping on a high profile pillow and sleeping on their side.
194 excluding shipping


Our most MULTIFUNCTIONAL PILLOW can be used when laying to support the head and neck. It can also be used when seated, for head resting or to support the back. Its modest size makes it extremely portable and suitable for travelling, but still delivers the same health benefits as any other KYMDAN Pillow. This pillow has been well received by the Japanese market and is the main pillow type.
108 excluding shipping

KYMDAN Pillow PressureFree

KYMDAN PILLOW PRESSUREFREE IS THE PILLOW FOR THOSE WHO TRULY UNDERSTAND AND APPRECIATE EXQUISITE COMFORT. Unique for its effective reduction of pressure points on the head and neck, this pillow will help you get a good night’s rest, “PressureFree”. Furthermore, its compact size is convenient for travelling so you can take luxurious comfort wherever you go.
174 excluding shipping

KYMDAN Pillow PressureFree Plus

The KYMDAN Pillow PressureFree Plus with its large dimensions and spacious surface allows for freedom of movement and comfortable head resting. Available in 03 softness levels to suit everyone’s preferences:
  •   • Plus S is the standard softness, which helps to relieve pressure points.
  •   • Plus SS is softer, for a comfortable and relaxing experience, helping to fall asleep easier.
  •   • Plus SSS is soft and fluffy, closely hugging the neck and head at every angle, for a deeper sleep.
287 excluding shipping

KYMDAN SoftTouch Bolster

KYMDAN SoftTouch bolsters are made from natural latex. These bolsters are highly elastic, insect resistant and soft to give users comfort and a feeling of closeness during sleep.

KYMDAN always ensures that each bolster possesses a high degree of elasticity and doesn’t become indented or loses its shape. The bolster has an additional thin protective outer layer to minimize the risk of tear.
95 - 326