KYMDAN Australia was established to provide the finest quality latex mattress and pillow products to the Australian consumer. With 63 years of experience in crafting quality latex mattresses, KYMDAN is a leading latex mattress brand with products distributed to in over 100 countries worldwide. As a family owned business, now in our third generation of leadership, KYMDAN continues to be a global innovator of latex sleep products.

Combining innovative technology and extensive research by, in-house and Japanese specialists, KYMDAN latex products deliver optimum support and outstanding comfort that provide 15 outstanding features. The optimum elasticity of KYMDAN mattresses evenly supports the body, helping to maintain the natural physiological curvature of the spine. With a unique latex mousse foam structure that allows for better ventilation that eliminates heat buildup, to provide better comfort and deeper sleep. As a result, KYMDAN latex products are extremely beneficial to the health and is highly recommended for use by doctors.

The quality of KYMDAN latex sleep products are certified by globally prestigious organizations for standardization. Our latex sleep products have antibacterial and fungus resistant capabilities that surpass international standards, as seen from test results from UL-Shimadzu Laboratory (Japan). The quality of KYMDAN bed mattress and pillow products meet strict US requirements for by the Bureau of Home Furnishings and Thermal Insulation  for fire retardancy. It is our strict principal for providing the highest quality natural latex sleep products along with product compliant for import and circulation in US territories, and has been certified our business integrity that has helped KYMDAN to earn the respect of the industry, the trust of the consumer over the years.

Let KYMDAN care for your health, while you sleep