Latex Mattresses

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KYMDAN Deluxe Mattress

Natural latex, KYMDAN DELUXE mattress presents optimal firmness supporting the user's spine and help maintain the three natural curves of spine in every sleeping posture. Additionally, the open foam structure provides air circulation and ventilation bringing comfort feeling and prevents heat built up for users.

The ultimate choice for sleep comfort.

Our Quality, Your Comfort.
1,533 - 4,837

KYMDAN Special Deluxe Pillow Top Mattress

The ultimate level of cushiony comfort KYMDAN SPECIAL DELUXE PILLOWTOP mattress brings in a whole new level of comfort for superior sleep quality.. The mattress is designed with special 02-layered structure: the latex pillow top surface of the mattress creates a soft and comfortable experience like no other; the latex mattress body features an optimum firmness level that supports the body’s weight in every position, as a part of maintaining a healthy spine.
5,943 - 14,994