General Features

  • ‚Äč100% natural latex mattress is made of pure natural latex in sponge, mousse form, without mixing with Latex Synthétique (synthetic latex).
  • Sponge, mousse enables the mattress to be soft, strong, unmeltable, unflattenable (deflection) or degraded by time.

  • The optimal firmness of KYMDAN natural latex mattresses helps support a user’s spine in all sleeping positions. To meet varying customer demand for products, that have appropriate features, KYMDAN mattresses are produced in three different levels of firmness:

Firmness Level 1: Standard Hard (SDH) mattresses are suitable for regular use by the average customers who range in age from newborns to adults and weigh less than 80kg (176 pounds).

Standard Hard mattresses have the lowest level of firmness of all KYMDAN mattresses. Research shows this firmness level to be suitable for consumers of average weight. KYMDAN does not produce mattresses at softer levels because of risks related to sagging of the spine. This can negatively affect a user’s health and KYMDAN's prestige. 

Mattresses do not compress or develop hollow areas for users weighing less than 80kg

Firmness Level 2: Special Hard (SH) mattresses are suitable for customers unaccustomed to mattresses because they use floor mats or plank beds, for customers with minor spinal complications or for customers weighing 80kg - 100kg (220 pounds).

Mattresses do not sink or develop hollow areas for users who weigh 80kg - 100kg

Firmness Level 3: Super Hard (SSH) mattresses are suitable for customers with serious spinal conditions, customers weighing over 100kg who stay in bed for extended periods. Mattresses of this type are also suitable for use in massage facilities.

Mattresses do not compress or develop hollow areas when users weigh over 100kg