Corner Lounge Suites

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Amigo Lounge Suite

The Amigo is designed with a focus on strong and delicate straight lines that combine with horizontal wood bars to creating afree and easy style for the product.
6,580 - 7,693
4,606 - 5,385

Cheerful Lounge Suite

Simply designed to suit the state of the art interior space, the Cheerful corner lounge suite has separate chairs. A mix of contrasting colours that run under the seat cushion and on arm rests gives an aura of lightness.
7,364 - 8,092
5,155 - 5,664

Daisy Lounge Suite

The Daisy corner lounge suite is designed to be compact. A simple color mix highlights its multi-functions and the ease with which it integrates in modern interior space.
0 excluding shipping

Handy Lounge Suite

The Handy corner lounge suite combines contrasting colors with hemming and fold-sewing techniques. The Handy corner lounge suite is designed to be modern and simple, with multi-functional use.
0 excluding shipping

Imposing Angle Lounge Suite

This product combines cubic shapes to create a powerful and luxurious appearance that also gives modernity to your room.
0 excluding shipping

Joy Lounge Suite

The Joy corner lounge suite is designed with a tendency toward modern interior decoration. Vivid color combination bringing coziness to your home and there is joyfulness due to cute decorative cushions.
0 excluding shipping