Chaise Lounge

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Aroma Lounge Suite

The Aroma Lounge Suites is inspired by soft and curvy lines, the roundness and full stretching of shapes to create an elegance and modern style.
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Dreamlike Lounge Suite

The Dreamlike is a multi-function comfortable armchair with strong structure and a flexible and attractive style.
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Eden Lounge Suite

The Eden Chaise Lounge is excellent for offering relaxation to sophisticated people.
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Feeling Lounge Suite

The Feeling Chaise Lounge is a soft bench with back and arm rests that serve as leaning places and provide comfortable and gentle feelings to suit all of your interior spaces.
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Placid Lounge Suite

Various curved arches form the soul of the Placid chaise lounge. Wooden plates at the feet are in a classical style that users prefer.
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