5 outstanding features of KYMDAN products

   1. With an optimum elasticity, KYMDAN mattress products help to support and maintain the three natural curvatures of the spine in any laying position, and thus not causing the spine to sag.

2. Thanks to the optimum elasticity of KYMDAN mattresses enabling motion to remain isolated to the area of contact, our mattresses do not cause motion transfer or emit any sound that may disturb any nearby sleeper.

3. With unique technology, KYMDAN products have great mechanical strength and can easily bear high and continuous pressure loads without being damaged. After being subjected to a 10 ton roller moving back and forth 200 time, KYMDAN mattress products remain intact and undamaged, thus demonstrates the amazing sustainability of KYMDAN mattresses.

4. KYMDAN has perfected elasticity in its products so that they return to their original shape and size even after bearing intense and continuous force. This feature keeps KYMDAN mattresses from compressing and developing hollow areas during long use and lengthens service life.
Latex mousse - high tensile strength and strong tear resistence.

KYMDAN Mattresses - do not flatten (indented, hollow), high compressive strength,
high elasticity, instantly return to their original shape and size


5. KYMDAN mattresses have been tested to be antibacterial  and fungus resistant. KYMDAN mattresses are also insect resistant.

(According to the test result from UL – Shimadzu Laboratory Corporation (Japan), antibacterial regulation  JIS Z 2801the test method of regulation JIS Z 2911:2010)